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A House Foundation Can be Damaged by Water

Water is a phenomenally destructive force. In large quantities, when considerable force and pressure are involved, water can rip through walls. But even when the damage occurs slowly over time, the destruction can be significant and lasting.

It is important to remember when it comes to your home’s foundation. While your home’s foundation was built to withstand a lot, it actually won’t stand up well to water. The presence of water around your foundation over time can weaken the very force that holds your home together and figuratively bring it to its knees. That’s one significant reason why professional water damage removal in Olathe is critical following a flood or plumbing emergency. Emergency water cleanup removes the water as quickly as possible and dries things out. The longer the water sits, the more damage it does; a quick response mitigates the water damage and ensures a speedier recovery.

If you’re still wondering how water can affect the integrity of your home’s foundation, read on.

External Pressure

Water is passing through the soil around your home all the time. For the most part, this process is seamless, with water entering the ground and being carried away at about the same rate. But occasionally, following heavy rains or flooding, water enters the soil at a much faster rate than it can be absorbed and drained. When this happens, the soil around your foundation becomes saturated and dense and will exert pressure on the foundation walls. As the heavy, water-logged soil pushes against the outer walls, the foundation may begin to tilt inwards or crack, allowing water to seep into the crawlspace or basement.

Hydrostatic Pressure

While external pressure pushes the outside of your foundation inwards, hydrostatic pressure exerts a continuous, powerful force underneath your foundation and moves it upwards. Hydrostatic pressure occurs when groundwater below your home builds. The result is a wet mess as water infiltrates your home through cracks and joints, permeates concrete, and, when extreme, possibly lifts your foundation from the ground.

Pooling and Puddling

Water pooling and puddling around the outside perimeter of your foundation will degrade concrete and mortar. Pooling happens most frequently when landscaping slopes towards your home, directing water towards the house where it has nowhere to go but down into the foundation where it does its damage. Clogged and overflowing gutters and improperly functioning downspouts are other common causes. It is a problem you can easily prevent yourself by ensuring that all landscaping slopes away from your home and that gutter and downspouts are clear and in good working order.

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Don’t Mess with Water

Water is anything but harmless, especially when it comes to your home. If you’re concerned about water damaging your foundation, call the water removal experts at Emergency Mitigation Services. We provide comprehensive water removal services in Olathe. We’ll assess the situation and remove the water so your foundation can be stable again. Remember, the quicker the response, the speedier the recovery. Don’t wait, call today!