Flood Damage Cleanup Olathe KS

Benefits of Hiring a Water Removal Service

Water damage can happen at any time. Pipes break, roofs leak, sewers back up, and rivers and streams overflow their banks. When water enters your property, the damage begins immediately and only worsens the longer the water is allowed to remain. Sodden materials rot quickly, and the warm, wet environment created by a flood is the perfect atmosphere for mold and bacteria to flourish. As a result, it should come as no surprise that the most important purpose of emergency flood cleanup in Olathe, Kansas, is to remove as much of the water as possible as quickly as possible. Calling a professional water damage company such as Emergency Mitigation Services immediately after, or even during, a flood event is the best way to mitigate the potential damage a flood might do to your property. Getting skilled help provides the following important benefits:


Speed is the number one priority. The faster the water gets out, the less damage it can do. Water that’s allowed to sit creates more and more damage that’s increasingly difficult to remediate. The 24-hour crews at EMS can be on site within an hour, any time, day or night, to get to work removing the water. With the right equipment and a skilled team, we can do in hours what it might take less experienced folks days to do, days that only result in worsening damage.

Mold Prevention

One of the most significant risks following a flood is mold. Mold can grow anywhere—carpets, rugs, flooring, furniture, fabrics, and especially drywall are all conducive to the growth of potentially toxic mold. Professional water removal service providers are specifically trained to manage mold. By removing the water quickly and employing powerful drying techniques, the pros at EMS can prevent mold growth. In addition, if we see it, we have what it takes to stop the mold in its tracks.

Damage Mitigation

Water damage is expensive. In a matter of minutes, water can cause hundreds of dollars of losses. Hesitating even an hour might be the difference between saving a floor and having to replace a floor. Calling EMS right away will speed drying, mitigate the total damages, and reduce overall costs.

Insurance Help

Professional water removal companies are experts in more than cleanup. We have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies on all aspects of flood damage claims. With the help of EMS, you’ll know what information to collect, how to document the event, and how to work with your insurance company to get a fair settlement.

24 Hour Flood Services Olathe KS

Know Who to Call

Have you experienced a flood? Emergency Mitigation Services is here to help. We provide expert 24 hour water damage repair in Olathe, Kansas. We offer a full range of water cleanup services, including the following:

  • Water removal
  • Dehumidification
  • Cleaning
  • Sanitizing
  • Damage assessment
  • Debris removal
  • Insurance claim assistance

Don’t struggle with flood damage alone. Call EMS for help cleaning up your flood damage today.