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Causes of Water Damage in Basement and How to Deal with It

Being the lowest level in the house, it’s little wonder that basements are more prone to flooding and water damage than the other levels of your home. And it’s not just unfinished concrete basements that have these problems either. Even fully finished basements can be prone to flooding and leaks. Keep reading to learn the most common causes of a flooded basement in Olathe, KS, and how to deal with them.

Misdirected Rainwater

Your home’s gutters and downspouts are designed to catch the rainwater falling off your roof and direct it away from your home’s foundation. But sometimes, downspouts aren’t angled the right way, or rain gutters become clogged with debris and begin to overflow. These kinds of problems can allow rainwater to accumulate around your home’s foundation.

When this happens, the water can begin to seep in through the concrete foundation or through tiny cracks in your basement’s walls. Even worse, if you don’t deal with this problem quickly, you can experience foundation damage and shifting that can cause expensive damage to your home.

If you notice your gutters overflowing or your downspouts spewing water straight along the side of your home, grab a ladder and get to work. Some routine maintenance can go a long way towards preventing expensive repairs and water damage cleanup later.

Leaking Pipes

Leaky pipes (or pipes that have burst) can damage any level of your home. But it’s the hidden leaks inside your walls that often make their way into your basement. Water can travel a surprising distance inside your home’s walls without you noticing it, and because it travels downwards, it can often accumulate and become noticeable when it reaches your basement.

If you notice water damage from a leaky pipe, make sure that you pinpoint the actual source of the leak. You may need a leak detection specialist to do this, but it’s important that you find the leak so you can repair it and prevent more water damage.

Sewage Backups

Homes with basements often have their sewage lines connected via the basement. If the sewer drain gets clogged and prevents water from passing through, it can lead to a sewage backup in your basement. This is far worse than a supply pipe bursting, as you have to deal with serious contaminants and health hazards. Always work with a professional to repair these problems.

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Excessive Groundwater

Homes are built with a drainage system, which will most often prevent flooding from high levels of groundwater. But in some regions with higher groundwater levels, a large amount of rain can lead to a rise in groundwater level that your drainage system just can’t handle. If this is a persistent problem for your home, installing a curtain drain can help.

No matter the source, if you’ve experienced water damage in your basement, contact us for professional water damage cleanup in Olathe, KS.