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Flooding Can Cause Severe Water Damage Restoration Issues

Damage of any kind in your home is unpleasant, but water damage can bring so many additional complications and issues with the restoration process, putting it in a class all its own when it comes to difficult cleanups. What are some of the common restoration issues that water damage can cause? Keep reading to learn more from our water damage experts in Overland Park, KS.

Hidden Moisture

Water can soak into just about everything and get just about everywhere. You might think that you’ve gotten everything dried out, only to find that the water seeped through your flooring and damaged your basement too. Or, you might find that the moisture soaked into your baseboards and damaged your drywall when you thought the only damage was to your carpet. Finding hidden pockets of moisture can not only hinder the restoration process but will also add more expenses to the total cost for restoration.

Mold Growth

Another issue that often comes along with flood damage is mold growth. Mold can begin to grow in a room within 48 hours of moisture exposure, so if you don’t get that water cleaned up quickly enough, you could end up with this nasty house guest lurking in your walls or even in your flooring. If you don’t notice the mold while restoring your home, you might just cover up the problem instead of fixing it.

For example, if mold begins to grow in your walls, you might repaint the walls but allow the mold to continue growing behind that fresh coat of paint. Or, you might replace your carpet, but lay it right over enough lingering moisture for mold to begin growing under your new flooring. The longer mold goes unnoticed, the worse the problem gets, and the harder it is to fix.

Area Accessibility

In order to restore your home, you have to be able to enter it safely. But depending on the type of flooding and the severity of the water damage, your home might not even be accessible for you or your contractors to begin restoration work. There could be structural damage, such as sagging ceilings or unstable floors. You could be dealing with electrical hazards or dangerous debris lurking in the waters that have flooded our home. Or, the waters in your home could be contaminated with harmful bacteria that can linger on surfaces even after the water has been removed.

24 Hour Flood Services Overland Park KS

It’s imperative that you ensure your home is safe to enter before you attempt to begin restoring your home. This means having all of the water removed and having the area decontaminated by a professional.

If your home has been flooded by rainwater, a burst pipe, or a sewage leak, Emergency Mitigation Services is here to help. We offer rapid, professional flood damage cleanup in Overland Park, KS. We’ll remove the water from your home, ensure it’s completely dry, and deal with any mold issues as quickly as possible so that you can begin restoring your home sooner. Give us a call today!