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Guide to Preventing Carpet Mold after Water Damage

Water and carpets are a bad combination. Once one corner of the carpet gets wet, it can seem like the entire carpet is wet within a matter of minutes. And it doesn’t stop there; once the carpet is wet, the water soaks down through the pad and to the wooden subfloor below. This creates a warm, dark, humid environment that’s difficult to dry and is the perfect spot for mold and bacteria to grow. The sooner you clean up after water damage, the better. Follow these four steps to prevent carpet mold after experiencing water damage:

  1. Remove the water.

    Use a wet/dry vac to extract as much water from the site as possible; these are truly the best tools for the job. If you don’t own your own shop vac, you can rent one. Professional experts in water mitigation in Overland Park also have the equipment necessary to remove water from floors and carpets.

  2. Use fans.

    Use fans, lots of high-powered fans, to speed up the drying process. Again, if you don’t own your own fans, you can rent them from home improvement centers or tool rental services. It can take several days for fans to completely dry out wet carpets and floors so be prepared for this to take time. Fans circulate fresh, dry air and should be left running 24 hours a day for as long as it takes. Make sure to raise carpets and pads up off the floor so air can circulate all around.

  3. Deploy dehumidifiers.

    Dehumidifiers are an important tool for cleaning up after water damage. These machines remove moisture from the air; circulating drier air speeds up the drying process in the room. The faster things dry out, the greater the possibility for limiting mold and bacteria growth.

  4. Clean and repair.

    Once the carpet, pad, and floorboards are thoroughly dry, it’s time to put things back together. Consider replacing the pad; it’s not uncommon for pads to be irreparably damaged after getting wet and being pulled up off the floor. The good news is that replacing the pad is much less expensive than replacing the carpet. Lay the carpet and the new pad and then have the carpet professionally steam cleaned. Steam cleaning kills any mold and bacteria remaining in the carpet and deodorizes as well.

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Hire a Water Damage Mitigation Company

If you’ve experienced a water problem, no matter how big or small, your biggest concern is mold. Your best defense against carpet mold following water damage is to hire a professional water mitigation specialist. Emergency Mitigation Services is the team to call for water damage restoration in Overland Park. We are experts in water damage cleanup; we have the tools and the training to get rid of the water fast. We’ll have your carpets dry and smelling clean and fresh in no time. Contact EMS any time, day or night, for water damage cleanup.