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Homeowner’s Insurance for Water Damage

Knowing the coverage of your home insurance in the event that your home has gone through water damage is essential. You have to remember that water is one of the biggest factors that can put your home and possessions at risk and that damages caused by certain water issues, such as burst pipes, may be covered by homeowners insurance.

One of the most frequently filed homeowner insurance claims is water damage, which includes freezing. It is also ranked third of the most expensive home insurance claims next to property damage and bodily injury (2nd) and fire and lightning damage (1st). In fact, water damage or freezing claim typically costs around $11,000. Also, Metz and Masterson (2022) mentioned that data from the Insurance Information Institute indicate that, each year, water damage or freezing claim is reported by nearly one in 50 homeowners, making up almost 30% of all homeowners insurance claims annually.

Residential Water Damage in Kansas City

Emergencies are inevitable parts of our lives and no matter the reason, they can occur at any time. In Kansas City, for instance, no one is safe from water and flood damage. That is why getting a homeowner’s insurance coverage in Kansas City, Missouri, is crucial financial protection regardless of whether you are just a renter (and not obliged by your lender to establish an insurance policy) or the owner of the house. Home insurance costs in Kansas City might be costly, but some insurance companies offer lower rates than others. Certainly, you can readily find a reliable water damage company in Kansas City that can assist you whenever an unexpected water damage takes place on your property.

Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage for Water Damage

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Accidental and unforeseen water damage (i.e. a burst pipe) is generally covered by homeowners insurance. However, gradual or progressive damage (i.e. bathroom leaks) and flood damages that occur as a result of natural disasters (i.e. storm surge, hurricane) are not covered.

Meanwhile, here are the types of water damage that qualify for coverage by homeowners insurance:

  1. Burst Pipes. This could include a frozen pipe that breaks. However, if this happens because you failed to maintain a sufficient level of heating in the house, the water damage will not be covered by the insurance.
  2. Ice Dams. An ice dam is melted ice that accumulates in your gutter and damages your home. As long as the damage was unexpected and wasn’t the result of poor maintenance, ice dams may be covered by homeowners insurance.
  3. Water damage due to the storm. Water damage from hail or heavy rains is usually covered by homeowners insurance provided that the rain enters your property as a result of a covered hazard and extreme weather condition (i.e. windstorm). However, keep in mind that flooding is not covered by a standard policy.
  4. Water damage due to fire. Of course, we use water to put out the fire. The water may come from the sprinkler system or from the fire department hose. Either way, any water damage that comes as a result of such scenarios will be covered by insurance.
  5. Water damage due to roof leaks. A storm or fallen tree can inflict accidental damage to your roof. Remember that you will need to repair any damage to your roof resulting from an accident at the soonest possible time or you risk sustaining additional water damage that won’t be reimbursed by the homeowner’s insurance.
  6. Random leaks. Homeowners Insurance covers water damage caused by leaks in your plumbing fixtures or appliances, including dishwasher and washing machine malfunctions.

Call Water Damage Service Kansas City ASAP

Keep in mind that you can file water damage claims if the damage transpires through accident or sudden circumstances. Any other water damage that exists gradually or due to negligence or home maintenance issues is not qualified for insurance coverage. You must act immediately if your home or place of business has water damage. A quick response time can significantly reduce the damage to your property and the cost of restoration by contacting a knowledgeable home water damage company in Kansas City. When unexpected water damage occurs, you need a water damage company in Kansas City that is available and willing to assess your particular situation and take the necessary actions to restore your home as soon as you call.