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How Long Does it Take for Mold to Grow After Water Damage?

Flash floods in Overland Park and surrounding areas are quite devastating and for the most part nobody wants that to happen in their lifetime. Any kind of water damage can cause mold to grow. Even the slightest amount of dampness from a flash flood or water leaks can cause damage to your home. It can create mold and rot your house.

There are so many different types of MOLDS that can grow in your house from any kind of water damage, leaking plumbing, flood and other moistures and that is why immediate water damage cleanup in Overland Park, KS is important.

These are just a few or the most common ones found in your Home:


Mold is characterized by the velvety texture and is dark green or brown in color. This is the most common type of allergenic mold in the world and is often found in water damaged carpeting, windows and basements. You will even find it in homes without water damage, in rooms that have naturally high humidity. This type of mold is common in bathrooms, especially around sinks and showers. This mold spreads somewhat fast once the mold takes root. So it is important to deal with this type of mold as soon as possible.


Mold is distinguished by its long, flake-shaped pores; this can form in thick layers and come in various colors, from white to green, yellow, gray, and even black. There are 185 different kinds of mold, so it can be a bit tricky to identify. Aspergillus has a strong effect on those with weakened immune systems, causing asthma-like symptoms. And even lung infections. You will often find this mold growing in places where paper, fabric and wood materials have been exposed to moisture.


Mold is the most toxic variety and you have probably heard stachybotrys referred to as “black mold,” thrives in damp, wet areas with a lot of humidity and can even work its way into air conditioning vents. Black mold has severe health effects, including serious respiratory diseases, joint pains, headaches, dizziness and even links to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.


Mold is differentiated by its distinctive powdery texture and can come in gray, green, brown, and black. Its powder-like consistency allows the mold to become airborne very easily, making it easy to contaminate other areas of your home. The mold grows on everything from carpet to wallpaper, and it does not balk at the cold like other molds. This allows the mold to persist year-round.


While generally not a serious health hazard, Trichoderma mold contains an enzyme that will actually erode wood, paper, and textiles to the point that these materials can collapse completely. If you spot Trichoderma in your home, you need to get it taken care of quickly to prevent long-term damage to your home’s structure. You can recognize this mold by its wooly textured clusters in patches of white and green.


Mold is easy to tell between this from the other types of mold, thanks to its bright blue or greenish color. If the name sounds familiar, it is because this is the type of mold from which the medicine penicillin is derived! And yes, it is the mold you commonly associate with moldy food. It does not just grow on food; however, you can also find penicillium in water damaged carpets, wallpapers and even mattresses. It can cause congestion, eye irritation, chronic sinus infections and lung inflammations.

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These molds will expectedly start to sprout within 24-48 hours after water damage as accord. Yes, that is fast! I can’t imagine leaving the moisture for so long that black mold will start growing in some hidden areas of your place. Sometimes they are not detected right away, unless they become visible to us.

Water Leaks can start a colony of molds if it is not taken care of as soon as possible. In some instances like:

  • under the sinks
  • back of cabinets
  • maybe drain from the refrigerator and bathroom floor

Simple plumbing problems that get ignored can create mold problems. These are problems that should not be disregarded, simply because they will create bigger problems in the long run.
If your Home has mold or water damage, contact EMS, one of the top water damage cleanup companies to help with the problem.