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How to Fix Common Pipe Problems in Your Home or Business

A great deal of water damage we see in homes is caused by plumbing issues—many of which could be avoided with a few simple fixes. While not everyone has the skills to maintain their plumbing, most people could easily learn to fix these three common pipe problems. Keep reading to learn more, so you can avoid having to contact us for water removal services in Overland Park, KS.

Pipe Leaks

Most pipe leaks occur at a joint, where two pieces of pipe are connected. These connections create tiny gaps in the plumbing that are more likely to leak than a pipe itself. Additionally, when the water rushes through a joint, it experiences a great deal more turbulence as it’s forced around the bend; this creates more friction inside the pipe and causes the joints to wear down more quickly than the rest of the pipe.

With that being said, most pipe leaks can be fixed by either tightening the joint or replacing the elbow that connects the two pipes. The former fix just requires a wrench and some elbow grease, so just about anyone can do it. Replacing a joint is relatively easy as well, though it will require a few more parts—just make sure to shut off the water first!

Clogged Pipes

Clogged pipes can cause drains to back up into your home, bringing not only water, but any refuse that went down the drain back into your home. This common problem is easier to prevent than it is to fix. Be mindful of what you put down your drains, and use drain filters to help catch anything that shouldn’t be going into the pipes.

If your pipes do become clogged, you should avoid liquid drain cleaners, as these can actually damage your pipes. Instead, try cleaning out the drain with a snake, auger, or good old-fashioned plunger.

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Frozen Pipes

It’s no secret that Kansas gets cold in the winter, so frozen pipes are certainly a common issue. When water freezes, it expands; this puts pressure on the inside of your pipes, which can cause them to burst and lead to an enormous mess in your home. Again, prevention is the best approach here—and, in this case, the only thing you can actually do yourself. Investing in pipe insulation can go a long way towards avoiding this issue, including insulation sleeves and insulation wrapping.

If your pipes do freeze, sadly, this is not something you can actually fix on your own. You’ll need to shut off the water right away to prevent further water damage, then contact a plumber to have the damaged pipe replaced. They may also be able to provide you with better pipe insulation, so this doesn’t happen again. You should also contact our water damage contractors in Overland Park, KS, as soon as possible to have the water removed and any damage to your home repaired.