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How to Handle Sewage Backup in the Basement of Your Home

Remember when you were a kid, and basements seemed like the scariest rooms in a home? As an adult, you know that there’s nothing scary about a basement, and there’s nothing in them to be afraid of—that is, until you descend those stairs and find the distinct smell of sewage wafting up at you. When you have a sewage backup in your basement, that room is not only a lot scarier, but it’s also a lot more dangerous. Sewage leaks are a health hazard and must be dealt with quickly. Here’s what you should do before you call for emergency cleanup services in Lawrence, KS.

Don’t Enter the Area

First—and we really can’t stress this enough—do not enter any areas that have exposed sewage in them. You should never try to clean up the mess yourself. If it’s essential that you go near the affected space, wear a mask, boots, and gloves, and avoid touching the sewage as much as you can. Ideally, you and your family should leave the property and evacuate to a safer location.

Sewage releases toxic gasses into the air, so even if you don’t touch it, prolonged exposure to it can have health implications. It’s best to get as far from the sewage as possible and leave the rest to the experts.

Turn Off Power to the Basement

Moisture never mixes well with electricity. Shut off power to the basement to help avoid short circuits and other electrical hazards. This will not only protect your home and your family, but will make it safer for the cleanup crews to enter the area as well.

Turn Off Water Main

While your water main line wouldn’t be a contributing factor to a sewage leak, it’s still important to shut it off when you have a sewage backup. This is because seeping sewage can contaminate the water you use in your home. Shutting off the water main line helps to prevent this contamination. You should avoid using any water in your home until the sewage cleanup company has given you the all-clear to do so.

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Circulate the Air Out

As we’ve mentioned, sewage releases viruses, bacteria, and other disease-spreading microbes into the air. You might be thinking, “I should try to contain all of those noxious fumes downstairs,” but this can actually make the problem worse. You want to circulate the air so that it flows out of your home as much as possible. Open basement windows if you can. You can also place an air purifier at the bottom of the basement stairs to help filter out any gasses that might try to make their way up to the rest of your home.

Sewage leaks can cause even more damage than plumbing leaks from water supply lines. It’s vital that you work with professional water damage contractors in Lawrence, KS, to remove the sewage and thoroughly disinfect your property to ensure it’s safe to live in again.