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How to Spot Frozen Pipes in Your Home

Frozen pipes can lead to major disasters for homeowners. When the water inside of your pipes freezes, it expands, putting pressure on the metal and making it more and more fragile. If you don’t catch the problem quickly, the ice inside your pipes can cause the pipes to burst, leading to major water damage and flooding in your home and an expensive home flood cleanup in Lawrence, KS. If the temperature in your area is dropping below freezing, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your pipes and check for signs of freezing. Here’s what you should be on the lookout for.

Lack of Water Flow

If you turn on a faucet and no water comes out, or you only get a small trickle, then it could mean that the water is being blocked by ice somewhere in the pipe. A lack of water flow to a specific faucet can also help you determine the frozen pipe’s location. There are countless pipes running in and around your home, but knowing which faucets are impacted will help you find the ice blockage more quickly.

Visible Frost on Pipes

For those pipes that you’re able to see in your home—like those under your sinks—you may be able to actually see frost accumulating on the metal. This is a good indicator that the pipe is much too cold. If you notice this on any of your exposed pipes, act quickly to warm them up. Even if the water inside hasn’t frozen completely yet, it’s well on its way to forming an ice blockage already if there’s ice on the exterior metal of the piping.

Strange Smell from Faucet

You also might notice an odd smell coming from a faucet or drain in your home. When a pipe becomes blocked with ice, odors that would have otherwise gone down the drain have no other escape; so they just come right back up in your home.

If you notice a sewage smell emanating from your faucets, this is usually a sign that an exterior sewer line has frozen.

Condensation on Pipes

It’s not just frost on your pipes that is a sign of freezing. A layer of condensation can also indicate that the water inside the pipes has dropped to an uncomfortably chilly temperature. Again, you’re only likely to notice this in those visible pipes in your home.

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Gurgling or Banging Sounds

All plumbing can make some noises. But if your pipes suddenly get abnormally loud during a cold snap, this could be a sign of freezing. Banging or gurgling sounds from the pipes in your wall can indicate that there are small bits of ice moving through them, and you need to act before they form a solid blockage.

Hopefully, knowing these signs can help you to catch a frozen pipe before it bursts in your home. But if you do experience flooding from a burst pipe, contact Emergency Mitigation Services. We’ll send our water damage contractors in Lawrence, KS, to you as quickly as possible to get your home cleaned up and back to normal.