winter storm damage in kansas city

Immediate Steps to Take After Winter Storm Damage

Dealing with winter storm damage can be challenging. The mind won’t be able to process clearly what to do next. Whether having to focus on saving your important documents and files or protecting your home from breaking. There are a lot of factors that can occur right after a winter storm. Don’t panic, it’s a good thing that there are procedures that you can take that can help you get through a winter storm. Here are the five s steps that you need to take.


The freezing cold temperature and strong winds can damage anyone’s property. After experiencing a heavy snowstorm, it’s better to have a quick and decisive mind ready at all times. First, you have to make sure your safety. Then right after, check for potential damage inside your property. Check the roof for potential damage. Once the snow defrosts, your roof can start to leak. If you aren’t able to check if everything’s in good condition, then you can call water damage experts in Kansas City.


After a winter storm happens, you should always be alert. Make sure to have all the emergency information that you can contact when things get worse. Listen to the emergency broadcasts on the radio, watch the television news, and browse for updates in your mobile phones. There can still be potential threats to you and your property even if the heavy snowstorm is over.

If evacuating is needed, make sure to move slowly and carefully. Make sure to have intelligent decision making during these situations. Avoid going into places that can put yourself at risk of getting injured and keep distance from moving vehicles. And when evacuating to safety, make sure that the person in charge where you’re going to is aware that you’re going to them.


If the area is flooded and leaking, disconnect the power supply and cut off the power immediately. Your home is subjected to a power surge that can potentially lead to a fire. Every appliances and electronics inside your properties should be removed from their sockets. It’s always better not to assume that everything is fine during these situations as it can easily be escalated. Also make sure that the circuit breaker and fuse has been switched off.

Right after you’re done unplugging everything in your property, make sure to avoid any fallen wires outside your home. These wires are still on and electricity is still flowing inside them. Once it touches the flood, you can get electrocuted. If you know that you’re unable to cross the flood, check for safe areas where you can wait for rescue.

frozen electrical wire after winter storm water damage in kansas city


Although you’re going to evacuate or have to move to another place, make sure that all your belongings are safe. Make sure that your IDs, documents, files, passports, electronic devices, etc. These things are essential to you especially when you will have to claim for your insurance. It will be a big deal if one of your important documents has been lost right after a winter storm. The key to keeping them safe is to store them in a secure place where even if it floods or a fire breaks, your documents will still be intact.

Furthermore, furniture is also an essential part of your home. If there’s a leakage in the area where your furniture is stored, make sure to move them. But if it becomes affected already, make sure to prepare for a dry and clean area where you can place them. 


Now that you’re well being is fine and safe, you can now claim your insurance. To start your insurance process, you can contact or connect yourself to an insurance representative before starting the restoration of your home. Don’t forget to get the proof of your property with your mobile device. This can be used later on when you’re claiming for your insurance. 

That is why it’s a good thing that your documents are safe during emergencies as they can help you later on. Plus, making sure that your mobile device has sufficient battery during difficult situations can really help you when claiming for your insurance. And once you claimed your insurance, you can now start with your house’s restoration from the storm’s damage.

Preparing for a disaster is quick, but  you must ensure your life and safety. You need to be concerned about the property of your houses. It is essential that by your insurance, you can help to recover quickly and back again all of your property.


They can be processed immediately and start again. It helps you to think positively and gives you peace of mind after the struggle you suffer from the storm. It helps to remember that you can recover after your insurance helps you, and you become better at being prudent if the storm comes again. You cannot be confused about what you can do to your property.

If you need assistance after the problem you encounter and are inconvenienced because of the storm, you better call a water damage repair in Kansas City.