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Must Read Tips to Prevent Water Damage After Winter Snow Storm

Winter storms are one of the most dangerous phenomena caused by nature. Water damage can come in different areas of your house. Aside from the cold weather that you have to deal with, your house can be at risk of breaking once the snow starts defrosting. Once the build-up gets heavy, you will notice small signs of water damage in your house.

A pile of snow build-up can be aesthetically pleasing and look cozy in the picture. The joy of seeing the fluffy snow can now turn to a frown. During these difficult times, here are four steps that you can take to prevent your house from water damage.


The first area that will suffer the most after a winter storm is your roof. It will receive all the snow falling, and it can risk your roof’s structural integrity. In short, the fluffy snow and the potential water once it defrosts are both a risk for your house. Aside from roof leakage, it can eventually lead to roof collapse.

However, it can all be prevented just by doing simple steps. Homeowners can easily brush the snow build-up on the roof with roof rakes. Those roof rakes with long handles will become handy in these situations. You can easily lessen the heaviness of the snow with just the use of rakes. But if there is too much snow, it’s probably a good idea to call a professional to get rid of the snow. But make sure not to climb on the roof alone because you can get seriously hurt. 


Water pipes are the second area prone to water damage after a winter storm. The exterior walls often have water pipes that supply the faucet. Once these pipes freeze, there will be a water stockpile once they defrost. And once the freezing is gone, the pressure will rise, and it can easily disrupt your pipes. The external pipes, like the pipes in the garden, have a high chance of breaking after a winter storm.

To protect your pipes from bursting, you can easily place them with a pipe sleeve or similar insulation. Even a quarter inch of a newspaper will do as a substitute insulator. Those pipes near the heaters will have a lower probability of breaking than those that aren’t. But for places far from heaters, like the kitchen and bathroom sink, make sure to open the cabinet door. If the cabinet doors are open, warm air will get inside, and the water in the pipes won’t freeze.

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Roofs and walls where there’s water leakage are often the areas where water dams are formed. Ice dams are formed once the heat that escapes melts along the rooftop. The result will look like an icy spike from a movie once the water drips to the edges of the roof or walls and refreezes. Although they look great from afar, they threaten you and your house.

Identical to water bursting, insulation is the key to preventing ice dams from forming. Make sure to seal any cracks and gaps to keep the warm air circulating in your home and not rise in the attic. The attic must also be insulated to prevent the excess warm air from escaping to the roof. Ice dams may be the primary source of water damage in some situations.


Always check your gutters for any blockage and debris. Make sure to remove it so the water will still continuously flow. It can prevent small ponds of water and snow buildup in a winter storm. If the water flow is consistent, the risk of freezing and the roof collapsing will lessen. You can use a rake or climb on your roof to remove some debris before the winter season comes.

Avoid having an emergency during a winter storm by having this area neat. It doesn’t need any insulation. You just have to maintain its cleanliness. But if it becomes severe and a block of destructive ice blocks the gutters, you can always call an emergency water damage Shawnee, KS, to prevent or fix any water damage.


In some areas. Winter is just around the corner. It’s time to protect your home to avoid any water damage. Make sure the only problem you’ll have is what snack you’ll bring while sitting beside a fireplace or choosing a movie near a heater. All possible water damage can be prevented by being prepared for it. But if things get out of your control, there’s always a water damage repair service in Kansas City that you can rely on.