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New Year’s Resolutions To Help Prevent Water Damage

Another year means we get another chance to change for the better. What else could be more vital than our living experience in our homes? Water damage is the most common cause of weakening your home’s structure and foundation. Your body’s core strength is a concept you’ve likely heard of.

On the other hand, water damage weakens your home’s core by attacking its foundation. So you must keep in mind the wellness of your home just like how you do to yourself and your family. How can you prevent water damage at home?

  • Know Where Your Water Main Shut-Off Valve is Located

The water main shutoff, according to plumbing professionals and companies that offer water damage repair services in Olathe, is the most significant plumbing component in the entire house. The main valve lets water into your house, which is transferred to various pipelines. When a water line break stops the flow of potable, clean drinking water, a home’s plumbing system is left with no choice but to malfunction. 

You will have to make an uncomfortable and expensive repair after this incident, and there is a chance that there may be damage that could have been prevented with some information and planning. To add, when leaving your house for an extended time, we also advise turning off your water main. Chances are that faucet leaks won’t cause any damage to your home if there is no water entering the building.

  • Maintain a Good Drainage

Your home’s foundation erodes due to poor drainage, which leaves cracks, uneven settling, and water entrance sites. Proper drainage is vital in keeping our homes smelling pleasant, sanitary, and, most significantly, free from water damage. Water leakage is highly likely to happen without proper drainage planning and installation, causing your soil and infrastructure to deteriorate.

  • Inspect Regularly and Fix Immediately

Investigate immediately if you discover any indications of a leak anywhere in your house. Be ready to endure mold, mildew, dry rot, or even structural damage to your home if you choose to ignore moisture damage or delay making critical repairs. Look for ceiling stains, black areas behind pipes in sink cabinets, toilets that rock, and leaks. Regularly check your roofs at least once every year. Replace any missing, sagging, or damaged shingles. Check for leaks around the flashing and fix any caulking that is damaged.

  • Save Your Appliances

The origin of the damage is sometimes neglected, and water damage can result from a wide variety of sources. If left unattended for too long, appliances like leaking dishwashers, overloaded washing machines, and damaged hoses can cause costly troubles. Although keeping up with your appliances might be a tiresome and time-consuming process, it’s worthwhile when you realize that doing so could prevent you from making expensive repairs. 

  • Check Your Sinks and Drains

Avoid pouring cooking grease down the drain to keep your sinks and drains clean and in good working order. Grease can congeal and adhere to pipes, regardless of whether you flush it with hot or cold water. The water flow is obstructed or suffers substantial harm.

When utilizing chemical drain cleaners, use caution. They can corrode your pipes and make them vulnerable to leaks despite being practical. A drain snake is an excellent option for removing obstructions, so consider it.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Keep drains clean
  • Remove the debris from the filter and dispose of it in the trash, not the drain or the toilet.
  • Check to see if the overflow drain in your tub is functional and not leaking.
  • Regularly check the drain taps in the sink cabinets.

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  • Invest in Water Leak Detectors

Monitoring for unwanted water is made easier with the help of leak detectors. Watch the temperature outside and look for any airborne moisture that could lead to mold growth. Furthermore, in an emergency, it shuts off your water supply. The damage to the house can be minimized by using water sensors to identify leaks early. Install it close to toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, sump pumps, and other appliances to avoid significant damage and mold growth. 

  • Maintain Your Sump Pump

Typically, the basement houses this pump. It is your home’s last line of protection from rising groundwater or flooding. The buoyant float activates the associated motor when the water level in the pit rises, instructing it to pump water out of the house. It transfers moisture from an undesirable location to a better one. When thunderstorms are present, test more frequently. In seasons with frequent severe storms, check more often.

Water Damage Can Get Tricky!

Water damage might also financially impact your bank account. The cost of repairs can be covered mainly by homeowners insurance. However, due to deductibles and coverage limits, homeowners will still be responsible for paying out-of-pocket for repairs. Addressing possible issues in advance is a preferable strategy. Call for water damage contractors in Olathe, and professional assistance, when the damage is already there. Let them handle your worries!