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Preparing for Flooding Emergency: Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Extreme weather is part of life in Kansas. Emergency Mitigation Services provides professional water damage cleanup in Lawrence. While water removal is the name of our game, we’re also passionate about preventing the damage that flooding can do to structures and properties. Following this step-by-step guide will help you reduce and prevent the damage done to your property by the next big flood.

Protect Your Property

Your goal is to reduce as much as possible the risk of water damage to your property. This means taking the following preventive actions:

  • Move everything you can to higher ground, including furniture, valuables, and important documents. Whatever can’t be move, elevate using non-porous lifts.
  • Waterproof your basement.
  • Check your sump pump and make sure it has a battery backup.
  • Install a water alarm so you know immediately if water is accumulating in your basement.
  • Anchor fuel tanks and water heaters.
  • Elevate electrical panels, switches, sockets, and appliances. Disconnect appliances. Turn off electricity if instructed.
  • Clear your gutters and downspouts.
  • Bring outdoor furniture and fixtures indoors.

Protect Your Finances

Wise risk management requires sufficient flood insurance. Standard insurance policies do not cover damages from floods. Contact the National Flood Insurance Program for information about obtaining flood insurance.

Review your other insurance policies and keep an updated list of your property’s contents, including pictures of each room. Store important papers and electronic backups in a waterproof box.

Protect Yourself

Protecting yourself and your family during a flood emergency involves the following:

The right information: Understand the flood risk in your area. Be aware of streams, drainage channels, and canyons in your area that are known for flooding; flash floods occur with or without warning.

Careful planning: Making a good flood plan is critical. Keep a checklist of what you need to do if flooding is imminent; a thorough checklist will ensure that important precautions are not missed during an emergency. Your checklist should include things like turning off and disconnecting electrical appliances, moving valuables to higher ground, and filling tubs with clean water. Agree on a meeting place for family members. Prepare 72-hour emergency go kits for each member of your family.

Compliance: In extreme emergencies, evacuation orders may be issued. Follow these orders carefully. Never walk, swim, or drive through flooded areas. If you aren’t able to leave your property before water enters, seek the highest ground possible and wait for rescue.

Flood Repair Equipment Lawrence KS

Emergency Mitigation Services

When flooding strikes, EMS is here to provide professional water damage cleanup and mitigation services. Whether you’ve experienced a flooded basement in Lawrence or your entire home has been inundated with water, our skilled, friendly teams are here to provide 24-hour water removal services. We’ll remove the water, get things drying out, monitor the progress, and help you work with your insurance company to recover damages. We even provide cleaning and sanitation services and mold mitigation and cleanup.

Water damage is serious business. Let EMS work for you to keep the damages to a minimum so you can get back up and running again.