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Reasons to Hire Professionals for Carpet Water Removal

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare: flooding and the ensuing wet, squishy carpets. Wet carpets are overwhelming. You dry and dry and dry, but the water doesn’t ever seem to go away. That’s because the carpet is just the tip of the iceberg; underneath the water, you can see is water you can’t see that’s soaked into the pad and even into the subfloor. When your floors have flooded, you have to go all the way down to dry everything out. Hiring a professional water cleanup company in Overland Park, KS guarantees the job gets done right. Tempted to do the job yourself with a shop vac and some towels? Here are three reasons why you need to put the towels away and turn the task over to the pros:


Water damage falls into three categories based on the nature of the water causing the damage. Category 1 floods are caused by clean water that originated from an unpolluted source. Category 3 damage is caused by black water that is known to contain toxic contaminants such as sewage or chemicals. Category 2, greywater, is somewhere in between. Complicating the issue is that floods can change types based on what the water flows through; for example, clean water can become grey as it moves through different areas of your home. Cleanup options and procedures are different based on category; dirtier water requires more safety precautions and sanitization and disinfection protocols. It’s critical to understand the nature of the damage and to use the right tools for cleanup to avoid more significant problems down the road.


Preventing more significant problems is a major goal of flood cleanup. Mold and bacteria can quickly begin to grow in the warm, dark dampness of carpets, pads, and floors. How quickly? You’ve likely got less than 48 hours to stop these substances from taking off. Emergency Mitigation Services gets to work on your carpets fast to keep your family safe from bacteria and mold. Removing the water quickly and using the right antimicrobial cleaners prevents the unpleasant, musty odors that often show up after a flood.


It’s easy to assume that everything is lost after flooding in your home, but with skilled, professional help, many things can be saved. Our water damage contractors in Overland Park, KS, work diligently to save as many of your possessions as possible. We carefully lift the carpets and pads to access all the affected areas. We then use high-powered wet/dry vacs to remove the water and professional-grade dehumidifiers and other tools to dry everything out. Our crews utilize moisture monitors to keep tabs on the process and ensure all the water is gone before putting your home back together. A quick response plus expert attention minimizes losses.

Water Damage Cleanup Overland Park KS

Don’t DIY Cleanup. Call the Pros.

Water damage is a big deal. Cleanup is complicated, and getting it wrong today leads to more significant problems tomorrow. Please don’t risk it. Call EMS for 24-hour flood clean-up right away.