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Signs of Water Damage under Floor

Water damage can occur everywhere water passes or stays. Spotting water damage under the floor, especially those made of wood, can be hard to spot at first until it’s already too late. Due to their color and lack of structural change, hardwood flooring can occasionally make it challenging to find water damage. Hardwood floor water damage can occasionally go unnoticed. Damage has already been done by the time you realize your hardwood floor might be off. You should be cautious of the situation and conduct safe handling by donning protective clothing when looking for water damage in hardwood flooring. You need not to worry because below are signs of water damage under the floor.

6 Signs of Water Damage Under the Floor

  1. Increase in water bill.

Even if a leak isn’t visible physically, it may still show up on your monthly water bill. A sudden rise in your water bill can be an indication that you are unaware of a leak. When you see an increase in your water bill, there are various things to consider. What does a typical bill in your area look like and how much water do you use? We advise reading your local rates on the website for your city online. Was there a rise in water use during that time? Changes can occur when family members come, when we take more bubble baths than usual, or when we wash more dishes than usual. What season did you notice this spike in? Because we often use more water throughout the summer, larger water bills may result. The majority of individuals water their lawns and maintain their pools throughout the summer, which affects their water cost.Over the course of a day, a faucet that drips at a rate of about one drop per second might waste about 17 gallons of water! You can imagine how unpleasant it would be to have 17 gallons seep into your hardwood floor every day. An expert should evaluate your property right away for potential leaks if you detect an increase in your water bill.

2. Wood Planks are Swelling

Your wood floors will begin to swell if they have absorbed enough water. This symptom of persistent and unattended water damage will affect any nearby timber boards. Included in this area, but not limited to planks with rising edges, uneven floor coverings, a leak of water into the subfloor. These are early signs of water damage therefore there might be something to recover, water damage recovery in Kansas City offers services and expertise especially made for this type of problems.

3. Unusual Bad Odor in your Home

Water damage has a distinctive and unmistakable odor. This musty smell is typically an indication that there is moisture present where it shouldn’t be. When mold grows, eats, and multiplies, it releases compounds that give off an unpleasant odor. It is a mixture of various substances reacting with one another. Get a flow of fresh air supply as soon as possible if there is a room in your house that smells strongly. In order to start clearing the air of bacteria, we advise opening windows.

4. Planks Buckling 

Normal environmental conditions can cause wood to expand, so a minor alteration is nothing to worry about. If you observe excessive buckling, on the other hand, there may be a number of causes. Wooden flooring may occasionally not buckle as a result of water damage. Boards often warp and bow downwards or upwards when this occurs. Remaining water will leak over the subfloor like wet boards do.

5. Water where it shouldn’t be

Even if evident signs like puddles or drips of water appear where they shouldn’t, we frequently blame spills and condensation for them. If any puddles emerge on the floor or if water drips mysteriously appear on the walls or ceiling, contact a professional immediately away. Even in a brand-new house, the construction could have been improperly sealed. Calling a pro in dealing with water damages can be a huge save in time, a reliable water damage company in Kansas City offers professional and expert help in dealing with water damages found inside your home.

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6. Peeling or Bubbling Paint

Paint anyplace in your house and in your floors can crack, flake, or bubble, which can also be a sign of water damage inside walls. If the paint on your cabinets is flaking, there may have been water damage. 

Look out for the Signs!

Signs of water damage can be crucial in mitigating water damages therefore you need to look and check for it every now and then. Think of it as an early sign of an impending disaster but in this case you can actually do something about it and stop it before it becomes a problem completely out of your control. You can now relax knowing you are well equipped in looking and checking for signs of water damages under your floor.