Emergency Water Clean Up Kansas City

Water Removal and Flood Recovery Guide

What’s the best way to reclaim your home after a flood? The best thing to do for emergency flood cleanup in Kansas City is to call Emergency Mitigation Services. Our teams respond to calls 24/7. Our skilled experts will do everything they can to save as much as they can and dry things out so you can get back to normal.

Our years of flood response experience have taught us the following dos and don’ts of flood response:


  • Treat water as if it’s contaminated. Unless you know exactly where the water is coming from and can clearly see that it’s remained clear, always assume contamination and protect yourself.
    • Wear PPE, especially waterproof gloves and boots
    • Throw out all food that came in contact with the water, including canned goods
    • Disinfect and sanitize all surfaces once the water has been completely removed
    • Keep children and pets away
  • Assume that electrocution is a risk. Electricity and water are a dangerous combination. If water levels have reached outlets or if water is covering plugs or other electrical equipment, turn off the power to the area before entering.
  • Remove all standing water. After safety precautions, this is your first priority. You’ve got three basic methods available to you:
    • Suck it out using a wet/dry vac
    • Use a sump pump or other pump
    • Do it by hand with buckets, mops, and towels

The method you choose depends upon the amount of flooding and the equipment you have available. You may be able to rent vacs and pumps at your local home store, but if you have flooding in the middle of the night, you’re best bet is to call Emergency Mitigation Services. We are standing by with the equipment needed to remove the water fast.

  • Get air circulating. Open windows and doors. Turn on all the fans. Lift up carpets and pads to let air move all around. You may need to remove baseboards and cut open drywall to let air circulate behind the walls. The more air is able to circulate, the faster things will dry.
  • Remove everything portable out of the area. If you can move it, get it out. That does two things. First, it removes moisture from the flooded area. Second, it will give the items a better chance to dry. Put them outdoors in the sun if you can.
  • Run a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers pull excess moisture from the air and from areas where it’s not visible. You can rent these or we’ll bring our own.
  • Look everywhere. Water hides beneath appliances, under floorboards, behind walls, and under cabinets. Hidden water is a major source of mold growth.


  • Don’t’ Enter the area without PPE
  • Don’t let children or pets play in the water
  • Don’t let water sit while you decide what to do. The longer water sits, the more damage it will do.
  • Don’t leave windows are doors shut
  • Don’t leave portable wet items in the area
  • Don’t assume that you’ve removed all the water once you can no longer see moisture. Water goes everywhere. Trust us; until the moisture meters indicate that the space is dry, you’ve still got water hanging around.
  • Don’t ignore the foundation or structure. Water that gets trapped in walls or floors will eventually rot supports and posts and weaken the structure of your home.
  • Don’t tackle mold yourself. Mold is tricky. It’s hard to remove, and your untrained efforts may release mold spores into the air and lead to more mold growth. Always seek professional help.

Safely Home Again

Minding these dos and don’ts will help you get home again. Better yet, call Emergency Mitigation Services for expert 24-water damage repair in Kansas City. We’ve got the skills and equipment needed to get the job done right.

Emergency Water Cleanup Kansas City


A flood can be a terrifying and devastating event to go through. However, by following the steps above, homes can be fully restored. It is possible to remove floodwater, clean and dry out possessions, and successfully address areas of hidden moisture.

A few pieces of the right equipment—such as a dehumidifier, water pump, and a few fans—will make all the difference.

You can make your house safe and comfortable for your family again.