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What Are The Early Signs Of Water Damage?

Many people think water damage is something incredibly obvious. After all, how could you not notice water where it shouldn’t be? But in reality, water damage is often slow and subtle. You can have a steady leak hidden in your walls or attic for months without even knowing it. And the longer that water damage waits to be found, the worse the damage gets. By learning the early signs of water damage, you can get water removal services in Kansas City faster and prevent the situation from worsening. Keep reading to learn what those early signs are.

Musty Smell

You can often smell it even when you can’t see water damage. That’s because water damage very quickly leads to mold growth, releasing a pungent odor reminiscent of a dirty kitchen sponge. If there’s an area of your home that constantly seems to have a musty odor, the odds are that there’s water damage hiding somewhere in the walls or ceiling of that space. It’s time to investigate and perhaps enlist a professional’s help to pinpoint the leak’s location.

Persistent Mold

Speaking of that musty smell and what causes it, mold is another sign of water damage. Mold needs plenty of moisture to grow, which is why you may find it growing in your bathroom sometimes; the high humidity from your daily showers provides an excellent atmosphere for the spores to start growing. But mold should be seen as an abnormality in any other room in your home. Water damage is close by if you notice it growing on your baseboards, ceiling, or anywhere else in your home.

Stains and Discoloration

Mold growth isn’t the only kind of discoloration you’ll notice early on with water damage. You will also likely see stains and discoloration on different materials in your home. When water soaks into drywall, sheetrock, and other building materials, it often leaves a stain. It is usually slightly yellowish on white surfaces (such as your ceiling). The stain will also likely grow and change in shape as the water damage continues.

Warped Wood

The wood materials in your home can often warp, bend, and buckle when exposed to water damage. If you notice these problems with your trim, baseboards, or framing around your windows or doors, you should investigate the area for water damage. In the case of water-damaged framing, you should carefully examine the sealant around the window or door in question, as the water damage could be from rain seeping inside.

Bubbling, Peeling Paint

If your paint color doesn’t show water stains—or if you overlook the water stain for a long time, the damage will continue to progress until the paint begins to bubble and, eventually, peel away. At this point, significant water damage has already built up behind your walls, and you need immediate, rapid water removal to take care of the problem.

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Act Quickly to Prevent Serious Damage

While any level of water damage is irritating to deal with, it doesn’t have to become a total nightmare. The sooner you can catch the signs of water damage, the sooner you can take action. Early water removal and drying prevent further damage and more extensive mold growth, saving you thousands in repairs. So, if you notice any of the above signs of water damage in your home, contact Emergency Mitigation Services for rapid water damage cleanup in Kansas City.