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What To Do If Home Has Sustained Damage After Storm

Storms are natural calamities that decimate, destroy and leave destruction at its wake. As a responsible homeowner you have the priority to get your act together when your house is devastated by this calamity. When dealing with water damage, structural damage, broken windows, and other issues, speed is of the essence. Once the storm has passed, you must move fast to protect your home from more storm damage. You must also repair your house if you want to remain secure.  This catastrophic damage may be too much to handle at first but do not worry it is doable. All you have to do is follow the checklist below on what to do if home sustained damage after a storm.

  1. Check and Assess the damages.

Make sure your home is secure first. This should be your top priority following a storm, we can’t stress that enough. Although we understand that you want to know the extent of the damage, it might be best to wait until the experts arrive. If the environment is unsafe, DON’T try to inspect your home for damage or come home. After a hurricane damages your home, you should first evaluate the situation. The most crucial component of your house is the roof, which is also the one most vulnerable to damage from strong winds and heavy rain. To provide your insurance adjuster with documentation of the damage, take thorough images of the area. It’s crucial to record any personal property that has suffered storm damage. In the end, you want a physical record of the harm the storm caused to your house. 

2. Take care of Water Damages.

Taking care of water damages should be the first thing you should do after checking your damaged house. Water damages can lead to multiple complications and hazards such as electrical hazards and also health problems caused by stagnant water and flood. Water damage mitigation should be left to professionals especially if the problem is too big. Calling water damage professionals might be the best thing to do after a storm hits your house. Cleaning and mitigating water damage in Olathe is one of the professionals offering reliable services.

3. Check for Electrical Damages and Hazards.

There could be significant electrical damage following a storm. Be careful around any standing water that might be electrically charged and keep an eye out for any downed power lines. If you notice any exposed or frayed wires, water in your external breaker box, or appliances that have been exposed to water, be sure to cut off the electricity and call an electrician.

4. Check if there is furniture to be saved or salvaged.

You should look for furniture not severely damaged after a storm. Maybe you can still make good use of it after everything that happened. It is understandable that starting over after a storm is very hard, looking for anything that can be saved will be one less burden for you once you begin building your home back to its former glory.

5. Call for experts and professionals.Damages sustained after a storm can be too much for a normal home owner to handle alone. Calling professionals and experts in fixing problems such as water damages can possibly save you a lot of trouble, time and money. For those in Kansas, water damage cleanup in Olathe is one of the reliable services available.

Wooden house damaged by disaster.

Worry less, Start Relaxing Now!

Everything after the storm may be scary and terrifying at first but any damage can be fixed and made good as new after doing everything in this checklist. Your life may be abruptly turned upside down by storm-related property damage. You could feel overwhelmed in the initial days following a storm by the damage, all the things you need to do, and worries about putting your life back together. But with good planning, you may get back to your usual life as soon as feasible. A good thing to do after a storm is also learning. Learn and document everything you see after this storm so that you could prevent it should another storm come. One of the best you could possibly do is to not let mistakes of yesterday happen tomorrow so you must work on today. You can now rest easy and relax knowing you are fully equipped if ever a storm comes to hit your home.