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Why You Should Only Trust a Professional Water Damage Restoration Service

When a home floods from a natural disaster or a plumbing issue, cleaning up the ensuing mess is not something that the average homeowner should attempt. No matter how handy you think you are or how certain your cousin is that he can do it for you, you should only ever use a professional water cleanup company in Olathe, KS, when dealing with this kind of mess. Why do you need an expert when dealing with water damage? Keep reading to find out.


Many people think that a rented Shop Vac and some oscillating fans are sufficient for removing standing water and drying out the lingering humidity. While these things might work eventually, time is of the essence when it comes to water damage. You want standing water removed as quickly as possible, and the moisture dried out within a couple of days at most. This isn’t really achievable with the available equipment to the average homeowner.

Professionals like those here at Emergency Mitigation Services have access to extremely powerful vacuums, fans, and blowers. We’ll remove standing water much more rapidly than you could hope to achieve on your own and get your home dried more quickly as well. This is important for a number of reasons, which we’ll go into more detail about below. But the bottom line is that doing the job quickly and doing it well are the best ways to ensure that there is no further damage.


How often have you dealt with this type of damage? How often has your cousin, who’s confident he can help you handle this, actually dealt with it? We can guarantee that you don’t have the level of experience professional water damage contractors have. With that experience comes knowledge of the best ways to deal with this type of damage.

A structured process ensures that the job is done quickly and done right, and that process can only be built from years of experience. Over our years in the industry, we’ve built a process that’s been proven to help homeowners get their homes dried out and back to normal much more quickly. We can come to your home, perform a quick assessment, and immediately set to work because we’ve done this job repeatedly.

Mold Prevention

This is one of the reasons that speed is so essential in dealing with water damage. Mold is able to start growing in as little as 24 hours. You simply don’t have time to go rent the equipment you need, then deal with subpar tools to try to dry out your home. Not only do we dry out your home more quickly to help prevent mold growth in the first place, but we can also help you deal with any mold that does still pop up. We’ll remove the mold and disinfect the area to kill off any mold spores and ensure that your home is a healthy, clean, and dry place to live when we’re done.

Water Damage Olathe KS


Water itself is essentially harmless. But when it floods and damages your home, it can create hidden hazards. Electrical currents from damaged wires may course through the standing water. Hidden debris from external flooding can wait under the murky surface. Weakened building materials can give way underfoot. When you rely on professionals for dealing with any water damage in Olathe, KS, you’ll be ensuring your own safety and protecting your home from sustained damage. Contact Emergency Mitigation Services today if your home has been flooded or damaged by water in any way.