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Will an Air Purifier Help with Mold?

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to experience water damage in Overland Park, KS, you probably hope that removing the water will be the end of your troubles. Sadly, getting that water out of your home is really just the beginning. In addition to the restoration process that will likely need to follow, you’ll also need to keep an eye out for mold growth as a result of the increased moisture and humidity in your home. We’re often asked if using an air purifier in your home can help with mold growth after water damage. The short answer is yes, but keep reading to learn more.

What Can an Air Purifier Do?

So, yes, an air purifier can help with mold. But how does it help, exactly? Mold growth occurs when mold spores that are in the air find an ideal environment to grow—somewhere dim and damp, like the inside of your water-damaged drywall. These tiny spores are essentially seeds, and once they take hold in the right growth environment, they can begin to sprout within 24 hours.

Air purifiers help with mold problems by filtering those mold spores out of the air. Ideally, you should be using an air filter that utilizes a HEPA filter, which can capture and filter out nearly 100% of mold spores. This prevents them from ever “taking root” in your home and growing into a mold problem.

What Can’t It Do?

Because an air purifier can only capture and trap the mold spores in the air, this does mean that it won’t be of any help with an existing mold problem. If you already have mold growing somewhere in your home, an air purifier won’t make it go away. While the mold certainly won’t spread as well as it would without an air purifier present, the existing mold colony will remain right where it’s at until you address that issue.

The best way to do this is usually through removing the mold-infested item or material. This may include cutting out damaged parts of drywall, or tearing up and throwing out carpet and padding that has mold growing in it. Once all of the existing mold is removed, your air purifier will help to prevent any new growth from occurring.

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The Best Way to Prevent Mold Growth

While an effective way to trap mold spores, air purifiers are just one part of the puzzle when it comes to preventing mold growth. If your home has experienced water damage, there are several things you should do to prevent mold from growing:

  1. Get the water removed as soon as possible. The first you begin to dry out your home, the less time mold has to start growing.
  2. Use blowers and fans to help dry building materials, and dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture from the air.
  3. Toss out or disinfect any items already affected by mold.
  4. Use air purifiers to prevent the spread of mold spores.

If you contact our water damage contractors in Overland Park, KS, quickly and follow all of these steps, you can significantly reduce the odds of having a mold problem in your home.