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Winter is Here! Common Water Damage Issues

Dealing with water damage throughout the winter is a pain. Winter is chilly and miserable, and regrettably, it also comes with the terrifying threat of water damage to your home. Remember that significant water damage to your home could result from freezing temperatures, winter ice, snow, or both. Here is a list of possible issues you might face during this freezing season and how to properly manage them.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks throughout the winter can be very problematic. Some of the most common causes of this problem include ice dams, clogged gutters, dampness, and broken roofs. The idea is to catch the issue early, hire a pro, provide you with a temporary fix, and schedule the repair for spring. Finding problems with your roof as soon as possible, before they worsen, is essential to solving them. Finding leaks early in the winter is very crucial.

Water stains on interior or exterior walls, water trickling through ventilating fans, and condensation on skylights indicate that a roof leak occurs during the winter. Check your roof regularly to avoid costly repairs due to water damage.

Ruptured Pipes

Exposed pipes risk rupturing throughout the winter when temperatures drop below freezing, causing significant water damage and expensive repairs. Water pipes break because of the expansion of the water when it gets close to freezing, which increases pressure inside the tube. The pipe bursts as the pressure become too much for it to withstand. The chance of pipes bursting during the winter increases the more they are exposed to freezing temperatures. Insulate vulnerable pipes with foam or fiberglass sleeves for the best defense against frozen burst pipes. Additionally, minimizing the buildup of water pressure, keeping the faucet open, and allowing only a trickle of water to flow can be helpful.

Ice Dams

When it begins to snow and the temperature drops, but there remains warm, moist air trapped in your attic, ice dams develop. A ridge of ice will form on the edge of your roof due to the heat in the attic melting the snow on your top, which will then refreeze if it touches a cold place. Once the ice dam has developed, it will trap additional melting snow, leading to an accumulation of ice that could harm your home. By eliminating air leaks, insulation keeps your home warmer in the winter, lowers heating and cooling costs, and prevents future ice dams. 

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Blocked Gutters

If debris finds its way into drain lines, clogged gutters could become an issue. Getting water away from your home is what channels are there for. If they are obstructed or crowded, they cannot operate efficiently. When your home’s gutters are clogged during the winter, the water trapped there or blocked by dirt and debris can freeze, potentially causing harm to the gutter system and your property. So, during the winter, it’s crucial to ensure your gutters are free of all dirt and obstructions. Take proper preventative, and that’s why water damage experts mission in KS are here––to save you from a headache during the freezing season.

Basement Flooding

It is crucial to stop basement leaks and floods as winter approaches fast. Just because it isn’t raining doesn’t mean there isn’t water around. When a significant snowfall or ice storm occurs, the entire area melts, and the water needs a place to go. Ensure your drains are ice-free before a snowfall hits so that all water may flow as it should. Nobody likes to miss time with family and friends during the holidays because they were forced to clean up water in an old, leaky basement. Make an effort to keep your house dry this winter.


It may not smell musty, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. In reality, hidden mold frequently spreads and grows more throughout the winter since you can’t see it, rather than during the summer when you are more aware of it. Mold typically spreads in places with poor air circulation, such as behind walls, closed closets, and attic or window spaces where moisture has accumulated. Mold is almost always a moisture issue. Thus keeping the condensation line outside requires good insulation and sealing up air leaks. Always remember that you need to keep the humidity low, keep your spaces as dry as possible, and spray with a bleach and water solution as a cleanser to prevent mold from growing throughout the winter months.

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The key is to contact a company specializing in this service when the amount of ice buildup becomes too much for you to handle. Some roofing professionals provide specific services to prevent water damage during winter, like clearing your gutters. Also, professionals will resolve your ice problems utilizing specialized tools like a high-temperature or a low-pressure steamer to melt the snow and ice from your roof. These experts know precisely what your home needs. Water damage cleanup mission in KS can be an ideal help in solving severe winter problems. Even while this service could set you back a few hundred dollars, it can save your house from serious harm, and you will save more money by avoiding the need to pay for much more expensive repairs these water damages can lead to.